THEY SAY ep single

by Roman Candle



a-side from full-length lp "OH TALL TREE IN THE EAR." (May 12, 09 on Carnival Recording)

b-sides recorded and performed by roman candle at magpie studio (Nashville, TN), triple cove studio (Wilkesboro, NC), and Arbor Ridge Studio (Chapel Hill, NC). Engineering by roman candle, Jeff Crawford and Nick Jaeger. Jeff and Nick also performed guitars and pianos on "EVERYBODY HATES A GOODBYE"

cover Art by Emily Leonard (

Written by Roman Candle. Mixed by Jason Bullock and mastered by John Baldwin at Lake Fever studios (Nashville). THEY SAY mixed by Jason Lehning at the compound (Nashville) and mastered by Andrew Mendelson at Georgetown Masters (Nashville).


released March 9, 2009


all rights reserved


Track Name: THEY SAY
I was waking up in the middle of a restaurant
Sitting by the window with the rain in streaks
Woman I was with she stepped out of a pay phone
and said she hadn't looked this good in weeks.

I can hear the kitchen moving
but there's not a bus boy or waitress to be found.
What's the use in calling out?
When we spent our money the last time they came around.

We left the apartment she was renting 6 days ago.
Left the door locked with everything inside
We didn't have a nickel, and I'd just met her
But I had a running car, so I took her for a ride

Thing I never told her about was that I didn't have
a body in the world to leave
But what's the use in speaking out?
When there's no good reason for a girl to believe.

I wish she was easier to take a steady look at
and I guess I wish the same about myself for her
Maybe one day we could tie down the hatchback
with a wide Christmas wreath and a douglas fir

But I'm not going to think much on it.
Starting over and over is a ragged old show.
What's the use in calling out?
When you know you've got a hundred thousand miles to go

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