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by Roman Candle

WHY MODERN RADIO IS A-OK I was down at my favorite watering hole with a buddy of mine that was out on parole and we were flipping through the jukebox, talking how we’d been and how we are. He’d got a library card and he’d pierced his tongue and a buddy in prison had turned him onto Neil Young and he thought that it’d be best to play some for the entire bar. Now he didn’t know, but while he was in jail, I’d had my heart broken by a woman to wondrous to tell and we‘d fallen in love to half the songs that jukebox played. So when he flattened his dollar on the side of the machine and I saw “Comes a Time” come on the karaoke screen I knew there was a couple things I had forgot to say: Don’t play Neil Young Don’t play Van Morrison Just let some high school emo band start versing and chorusing Because there’s no way it will break my heart as far as I can see and that’s why modern radio is A OK with me. He said a pop song used to be a powerful thing, you could turn on the a.m. and John Lennon would sing or Frank Sinatra would be talking to all of the girls. And you could think like a hawk or think like a dove or think of a winter afternoon when you fell in love and ten songs on a record sounded like a string of pearls. Now my buddy rattled on till an hour'd gone by and I thought to spit a mouthful of beam in his eye, maybe leave him for dead, but a friend is a friend to stay. So I listened to him talk about Johnny and June And how "I don't know where I stand" is a true love tune I bought another round just in time to hear him say: They don’t play Sam Cooke They don’t play Merle Watson They just trade some Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham for a broke-down Datsun. And there’s no way it'll break my heart as far as I can see – And that’s why modern radio is a sack of monkeys to me. He said it makes me so mad I want to get up and shout it and I smiled and said I hadn’t thought that much about it We walked out the street and parted ways. I might‘ve gone to a movie, but my money was spent so I went straight home, and Lord knows where he went but I wrote myself a letter to all modern dj’s: Don’t play Bob Dylan Don’t play "Loose Ends" Don’t play anybody that’s ever read Sir Patrick Spens Because there’s no way it'll break my heart as far as I can see – And that’s why modern radio is a-ok with me.
it's a winter day again. And it seems like it might last for ages. I've been watching it for a while, and the whole thing seems to pass out in stages. I spent a long winter night walking in the cold light of the moon. I spent another winter morning waiting on June. In the morning freezing grass and icy creeks are so cold you can taste it. But then the sun comes through the trees and being lonely just seems like to waste it. The minutes move so fast and slow, like "a ring of fire" on the radio while an old man is taking soup from a spoon. if its a January morning and I'm waiting on June. Well it was 1993 and I had myself a whole world to figure out with a girlfriend on my knee though she was nothing in the world to write home about. Just a sad country pleasure that was nothing you could measure past the noon. it leaves a sour taste in your mouth if your waiting on June. Lonely hearts are old and new But its so hard to try any harder and wait for one made out of two just like the voice of Mr. Cash and Miss Carter. And then a walk in the park or the stars after dark are going to knock me from here to Picayune, If it's a January morning, and I'm waiting on June.


released April 15, 2009

A-side from forthcoming full-length lp "OH TALL TREE IN THE EAR." (May 12, 09 on Carnival Recording)

Track 2 recorded at RCA Studio B by Matt Naylor (Nashville, TN) www.pleasantridgeaudio.com.

Mixed by Jason Bullock and Mastered by John Baldwin at Lake Fever Studios in Nashville, TN

Vibes by Jason Lehning
Additional Vocals by Shelly Colvin

Track 3 Written by Richard Manuel and Robbie Robertson.

Recorded live at the Speakeasy in Carrboro, NC by Chris Stamey.

Mixed by Chris Stamey at Modern Recording (Chapel Hill, NC) www.chrisstamey.com.

Mastered by John Baldwin at Lake Fever Studios in Nashville, TN

Guitar by Nick Jaeger
Bass by Danny Kurtz
Mandolin by John Teer (Chatham County Line)
Additional Vocals by Thad Cockrell www.thadcockrell.com

cover artwork features the painting "Untitled 1" by Penelope Dullaghan


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