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Thoughts for a newly old lover

from EDEN WAS A GARDEN ep single by Roman Candle



first started playing this song on the road in 2004 while touring with Caitlin Cary and Thad Cockrell



It was all because of me that you left last saturday
but there were things about me I knew you'd never abide
So darling while you're out there for your sake
putting your clothes on by some lake
here's hoping you're with a man who'll stand to stand aside

When you visit your old boyfriend on am amtrak to Florida
You know the one I mean that old marine who could never tell you no.
Find a man to wipe your chin when you mix ecstasy and gin
like I used to do for you not so long ago.

They say uncommon love is found from the great height to the ground
and that love is capable of amazing things if you'll ask it
So I hope you find a new boyfriend who knows how to was another man's clothes
when he's at spin city sorting through his laundry basket.

This old town is a strange address and it seems to get more that way than less
so I'm sure you'll have no problem finding your feet
with a doctor or a lawyer or some npr Tom Sawyer
or any carpool Charlie tooling down the street.

And you can walk the streets of Tokyo or the streets of Tennessee
one man says I got to go and one says girl wait for me.
Well I've heard both those lines from you a little too often to forget it.
So if i said you were going to end up a heartbroke drunk dear...
Well I'll be giving you too much credit.

It was all because of me that you left last saturday
How much more time shoudl we take for thoughtful woe?
I'll spend this whole pint toasting you and everyone you're off to do
if it was all because of me you had to go.


from EDEN WAS A GARDEN ep single, released December 4, 2008
written by roman candle
ASCAP - Bill and Mary Music
copyright 2007 all rights reserved.
produced and engineered by roman candle
additional production: Aaron Oliva and Keegan DeWitt
Air Canada electric airplane: Jude Matheny
recorded at magpie (Nov. 08, Nashville, TN)
mixed by Jason Bullock
mastered by John Baldwin


all rights reserved



Roman Candle Nashville

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