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Songbirds sing at the dawn

from EDEN WAS A GARDEN ep single by Roman Candle



i walk the night
i make some rounds
it's not as big and heavy-handed as it probably sounds
but still it's the nighttime
and its the most time
when I get things creeping through my mind.

turn out the light
walk up the floor
this could be where it ends for a thousand peple
but i end up out the door
out on the nighttime
where the speckled sidewalk shines
and the moon makes every shadow get a little more refined.

Morning in the Morning
is fine enough to see
the whole wide world is lit up in your face
same old shining sidewalk, but a different melody
is humming in the background of each side-street, moving always

I used to lay up when I was a kid
looking out the drapes of my bedroom
looking out for what was hid
until this one night I saw a woman with bare feet white
walking straight across my backyard
walking straight out of sight.

now it's not just heartache
old as the hills
and it's not just a young heart's gut desire
out looking for a thrill
it is the night-time
and it's a thin line
that makes me wonder what that girl was looking for
and wonder what I'm trying to find.

Afternoons in afternoon
against a summer day
the world is lit up and laid out in your face
same old shining sidewalk, doesn't have the same to say,
humming in the background of each side-street, moving always

Some say that songbirds sing at the dawn
I could almost say it was true depending on which side of day you are on
cause when their song is big and clear
well the daylight is almost near
but it's black as night and loudest in your ear.


from EDEN WAS A GARDEN ep single, released December 4, 2008
written by roman candle
ASCAP - Bill and Mary Music
copyright 2007. all rights reserved.
recorded at magpie (Nov. 08, Nashville, TN)
mixed by Jason Bullock
mastered by John Baldwin


all rights reserved



Roman Candle Nashville

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